Damn the Global Financial Crisis

The best companies are born during a crisis. History has been a witness to it. As long as you are keen to provide a great product and service, you have nothing to worry about. Its all about innovation and creativity, as long as they are there, damn the financial crisis.

Whether you choose to be an entrepreneur or an executive, its time to learn new things. This also means unlearning a few old things. Like breaking myths, breaking out of your comfort zone and letting go of some social security. Thats when a crisis comes in handy.

There are many who are septic to do an mba or for the job opportunities in the future for that matter. I think maybe its a good time to do an mba in USA. The property rates there are down, the flight rates are down.  So in the end an person can end up spending less for that priceless education. A good article I came across seems to be fine when it come to teaching in the times of crisis. http://www.mbaintheusa.com/2008/09/26/mba-job-seekers-remain-hopeful-during-financial-crisis/

There have been 200,000 jobs lost since 2007 in the investment banking industry. Some of the best B-Schools of USA relied on investment banking for more than 10% of their students. The students are now looking at consulting as the best option after the decline of the investment banking industry. But one must not forget that new niches are being created all the time.

When Google came up with its search engine there was nothing called a ‘search business’. Now search is a business which employes thousands and thousands of people. Not to forget all the auxilliary businesses which have developed due to search like ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO). There are thousands of businesses which depend on google and other search engines. The media will keep flashing how many jobs are cut and how many people have been layed off. It will, however, never flash how new niches are secretly created and how thousands of people get employment due to these innovations.

So watch out for what niches you can develop to survive and thrive in this new world order.

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